Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman keeps awake in vain...Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one's youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them; they will not be ashamed when they speak with their enemies in the gate.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, Campbell Gene Boyce

5 weeks after Eliza was born, we welcomed her sweet cousin, Campbell into the world.  Kyle was granted a few days off and we were so blessed to be there for his Birthday.  This was actually Eliza's second trip down home.  We went home the weekend before just in case he came a little early.  Traveling with a newborn is fairly easy, so we take every opportunity that comes our way to hit the road.

Aunt Annie holding Eliza at the hospital...waiting for Campbell to arrive

Mrs. Lisa with Eliza

Happy Birthday, Campbell!
September 28, 2010
7lbs 11oz, 21.75in

Sweet Daddy.  When Mr. Knozit asked him what he wanted to be when he
grew up, 4 year old Michael said, "Mmmm, a Daddy."  What a precious man!

Kyle and the cousins

The Boyce's with their Grandbabies

Beautiful Mamma, Rebecca with her son

The First Few Weeks

I am wishing I blogged along and along for the first few weeks, because in a way, a lot of it seems a blur. I remember long, but sweet and cuddly nights. I remember a content baby. I remember amazing support and love from my sweet husband. I remember battling emotions and anxiety. I remember recovering. I remember a Lord who always provided.

Eliza slept in a bassinet in our bedroom for the first 2 weeks since I needed to be up every 2 hours with her.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I wasn’t going to sleep as long as she was in the room. So into the crib in the nursery she went.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I wasn’t going to sleep as long as the monitor was on. So off the monitor went.

I battled those typical feelings of anxiousness you get with a newborn. I was afraid she would stop breathing. I was afraid she would aspirate. I was afraid she was going to get too cold and get sick. I was afraid she was going to get too hot and become dehydrated. Afraid, afraid, afraid. Kyle said, “Victoria, she is going to be fine. Trust the Lord.” So I did. And miraculously, we’re all still kickin.’

Our church family was unbelievably gracious to us. We had amazing meals for over 2 weeks. We are grateful for our family in Christ away from home. We love you, Reformation OPC!

Here are a few pics from the first few weeks:

The first of the monthly photo shoots

Ummm, a little help?

Sweet Baby Toes

Ready for church

Thursday, December 9, 2010

First Week

On the day Mom left, Granny, Papa, Mr. Terry and Mrs. Karen came for the weekend.  We had a wonderful time with them!  Nothing better than being surrounded by family!

The Gamecocks had their first game on September 2.
Of course, Eliza was prepared for the occasion.

With Papa

Her first Bible story book from Great Granny

Welcome Home, Eliza

We checked out of the hospital a little after lunchtime on Sunday afternoon.  Everyone headed back to SC except for Mom (Grandmamma Ann).  She stayed with us for a week.  I cannot imagine what that week would have been like without her.  She cleaned the house.  She cooked.  She tended to Eliza between feedings so that I could get some rest. She calmed my nerves when I thought Eliza slept too much and when I thought she stayed awake too long, when I thought she spit up too much and when I didn't think she was eating enough.  She was amazing.  I'm sure she could have corrected me on many accounts with her wisdom and experience, but instead she allowed me to trust my instincts and work through each obstacle as a first time Mom - as Eliza's Mom. 

Headed home

A surprise from Aunt Annie!

First bath at home


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Remainder of our hospital stay and The Lord's Day

The remainder of our stay at Ruby was great. 

**I meant to mention that Sweet Uncle Michael hopped on a plane after work and made it into Morgantown on Friday night.  What a blessing it was to see him - and it meant so much to us both!  Unfortunately I don't have any pics of him holding Eliza, but it is for a very sweet reason.  I think he was coming down with a little cold, but he shared with us that he wanted to save the 1st time experience of holding a newborn for his own son.  These Boyce men's hearts are size Large!  (Remember Rebecca was due w/Campbell just 5 weeks after I was due with Eliza)

There is no nursery on the L&D floor @ Ruby, so the baby stays in the room with you the entire time.  I loved it so, so much!  Friday night (her Birthday) I didn't sleep a wink.  I couldn't stop staring at her.  Then she slept on Kyle's chest for a few hours, and that was so precious I couldn't stop staring at them.  Every time the nurses came in to poke and prod they would beg me to sleep.  I just couldn't.  I wasn't tired.  Well - correction - I was tired, but not sleepy.

Saturday the fam came back to join us around 9AM.  I'm pretty sure Eliza was never put down all day.  I just loved sitting back and soaking up all the joy on everyone's faces.  Granny K, Papa and Uncle Michael came in a little bit later after a much appreciated trip to the mall.  Eliza was a teeny tiny little thing and NONE of the clothes I had for her fit.  Morgantown has next to NO places to shop, so they combed through the small department stores and bought the only 3 premie outfits in the mall.

I wish I had a picture of her holding Eliza - but I had the sweetest surprise visitor all the way from Charlottesville...Daisy.  I stole a pic of her to share.  Hope she doesn't mind. :)

Kyle started coming down with a bad cold.  Poor Dad.  By the end of the day it reached its peak.  He was a little concerned about holding Eliza through the night, so one of the sweet nurses offered to take her for a couple of hours so that I could catch a nap.  I don't think I've ever slept so hard!

Sunday morning, room 602 became a different place.  Praise the Lord for livestream via Christ Church of the Carolinas!  I set my laptop up on the food tray, everyone had their bibles with them, and we watched a wonderful sermon by Pastor Bowers.  The nurses and medical staff left us alone for 2 whole hours while we worshipped in that tiny little hospital room.  One would open the door slightly, notice what was going on, and shut the door.  Vitals could wait.  This was the Lord's day.  My cup runneth over!